Attend Strangers’ Weddings in India I

In India, a wedding can cost decades of savings, usually for days. In the past, it was difficult for foreign tourists to see a grand wedding without Indian friends. Today, you can spend money to go to a stranger’s wedding in India and experience the authentic Indian folklore.

Paying hundreds of dollars to attend the wedding of two total strangers in a foreign country may seem strange to some, but according to Join My Wedding, a company specializing in wedding tourism, it’s “the ultimate cultural immersion” for tourists looking to experience as many elements of Indian culture in the shortest time possible.

Guests can wear traditional Indian clothes, taste exotic food, see and participate in the grand wedding custom, feel the unique wedding atmosphere. For wedding couples, they not only share the happiest day of their lives with family and friends, but also share it with the “world” and make some extra money in the process. “If you think about it, there’s nothing more cultural than a wedding because you have every cultural element present: The local people, local food, customs, the outfit, the music, basically every cultural element is right there, Orsi Parkanyi, the founder of JoinMyWedding, told CNBC.

Tourists interested in attending a traditional Indian wedding through JMW have to pay a fee of $150 for one day’s attendance, or $250 for two days, which covers the entrance to the wedding plus food and drinks, as well as a dedicated person to welcome them and explain all the traditional customs. Transportation to the wedding, accommodation and traditional costume rentals are extra.

Although wedding dress styles and colors vary from place to place in India, most brides wear red and white wedding dresses in Phnom Penh. Because white symbolizes purity, while red symbolizes wealth and prosperity. The bride has to wear a lot of gold jewelry and jewelry. The groom usually wears white clothes, a loose blouse with gold edges, and loose trousers or apron skirts. In northern India, the groom wears a delicate headscarf and a string of flowers, almost covering his face, but in southern India, the groom wears no ornaments on his head.The bride had roses and calendula around her neck A large wreath, down to the knees.

On the wedding day, the bridegroom’s family will have a big dinner, and the time has come, and the groom will lead a group of spectacular welcoming party and western drum trumpeting team to the bride’s house to pick up the bride, singing and dancing all the way. When the bridegroom and the bridegroom arrive, the bridegroom will put cinnabar on the brides’ hair seams, and the cinnabar, preferably in the form of water, will flow to the forehead, so that the couple can fall in love with each other until they grow old. When the procession returned to the groom’s house, the priest had placed on the altar the sacrifices of rice, leaves, oats, rose petals and other symbols of wealth, health, happiness and prosperity.

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