Hat Care Tips

Handling your hat properly is the first step to keep it in good shape. It’s very common to hold a hat either by the crown or by the brim. Grab the brim will change the shape of the hat over time, and if you continue to do so, the hat may break eventually. If you want to grab the front part of the hat, make sure to do so in a gentle way. Getting as close as possible to the crown of the hat to minimize deformation of the brim over time when you grab your hat. You’d better handle your hat by the crown carefully since it keeps in better shape than the brim.

If you encounter a heavy rain when wearing a hat, you have no need to worry. All you have to do is snap the hat back to its original shape and let it dry naturally. If you have a hat rack, leave it there to dry. If you have no such a hat stand or hat rack, you can put your hat on a flat surface. Remember never use a laundry drier or other heat source to speed up the drying process, or it will damage the hat.

It’s a good to brush your hat regularly. Remove dust and dirt with a hat brush or soft bristle brush. It is important to brush your felt hat in counter-clockwise direction to avoid damaging the felt. If there are serious stains on your hat, you can steam it before brushing.

If your hat is too tight, it is recommended you slightly stretch it by your hands. Or you can hold the hat over the steam by using some boiling water until it gets warm, then put the hat on your head and pull it where you want it to sit, and keep it on until it dries.

If your hat is too loose, you can place some foam or folded newspaper under the built-in sweatband to make it fits better. Put it where your hat is too loose. If your hat is too loose on the both sides of the hat, put it under the sweatbands on the sides.

Remember to grab the crown of your hat without touching the brim, especially for straw hats. Never turn the brim of your hat down. That will damage its shape. You’d better turn your hat upside down and rest it on the crown. It is crucial to keep your hat in a cool and dry place to keep it in shape and stay clean. Store your hat in a hat box is the best way to keep it clean and dry.

You may have many different hats, such as bucket hats for men, felt hats, straw hats and so on. If it’s a straw hat, try to keep your straw hat from getting wet. The straw will easily swell by the water, and it will cause the hat discolor and lose its shape. If you bucket hat gets dirt, you can wash it by your hands or machine. Most bucket hats are durable and have good ability to keep its shape; even it gets some wrinkles, you can use steam to let it recover.