Proper Modern Hat Etiquette

Proper hat etiquette has changed over time just like the other things. In several centuries ago, a hat is a part of women’s outfit and look. It’s not just like a piece that you can take it off at any time in anywhere, especially for dinner. It’s something you take time to put on correctly and take it off in particular time. If you have to take it off, it would mess up your overall look. For men, a hat is a symbol of their status and class. Different hat was worn by different people in different classes. And men should take off their hats when they meet a woman to express their respect.  

In modern society, there are no so many rules for putting on or taking off a hat, while still you should follow some golden rules when wearing your hat. Proper hat etiquette is essential if you want to be a gentleman. It has nothing to do with your profession, your income level or your social position. It just relates to the manners. Both men and women should obey these rules to show manners and courtesy. Modern men wear hats often and elegantly.

Hats have been divided into many styles and designs which are available for us to choose from. Such as fedoras, bucket hats for men, top hats and so on. No matter what hats you wear, you should take it off when you enter into private places. When you enter into a room, especially a restaurant, you should immediately take off your hat. You should leave it off until you exit the room. This also applies to churches, residences, and courthouses. Remove your hat when you meet the receptionist or security guard at an office or hotel.

Men should tip their hats to a woman or simply touch the brim when you say hello to a woman on the street. If you want to talk with them, you should remove your hat for the duration of the conversation. Don’t put your hat on the table when you sitting at a restaurant table. Put it on a chair or on your knee, or ask the server if there is a place it can hang your hat during your meal.

All hats should be removed when you are indoors. This includes homes, restaurants, theaters, etc., except for public places, like corridors, gardens, elevators and the like. In those public places, no one would care about whether you are wearing a hat or not, and you are unfamiliar with each other. So you don’t have to remove your hat at these places. When you go to a home of your friends or relatives, you should take off your hat when you enter the room to show your respect to them. Until you leave, you can wear the hat. Functional hats should be removed when no longer needed, this includes knit-winter hats, fishing hats or baseball caps once you are indoors or once you are out of the sun.

Above all are some basic rules for modern hat etiquette. You’d better follow these rules to finish your outfits and complete your look while also to show courtesy.