Benefits for Hats Lovers

Some people like to collect a variety of hats, such as the bucket hat that people wear in the summer, the berets that are often worn in winter, and baseball hats that can be seen all year round. Hats are like their friends. They always wear different hats to go out every day.

However, hat storage may be a headache for every hat-lover. They don’t want the hat to be folded to get indentation or out of their shape, or to be dusty outside. In fact, you can make full use of your creativity and imagination to design a hat rack according to the layout of your room and your needs. If you have no idea of making a hat rack by yourself, I have found some great ideas of DIY hat racks.

A. Vintage Wood Hat Rack

This is an old, rustic and vintage idea for making a hat rack. It intends to recycle the wood and minimize the expenses to some extent. This hat rack is easy to be made. People who like retro style can make such a hat rack that will be good for the atmosphere of your room.

To do this hat rack, the first thing is to find some window panels. Then, install the window panels on the wall by using nails or hooks. Next, you need to attach some hooks on the surface of the wood in order to hanging your hats. Besides, if you don’t like the monotonous style of the wood, you can paint it.

B. Lamp Holder Hat Rack

Not all hat racks are made of woods; it also can be made of other materials such as pipes or some lamp holders as shown below.

This idea is very creative and unique. It is not antique but it is contemporary. If you have such a lamp holder, you can just hang your hats onto it. What’s more, if you want your room to have elegant vibe, you can just install several bulbs in each holder and then hang the hats on it.

C. Simplest Hidden Hat Rack

For people who have a small number of hats but don’t know how to arrange them, this idea is very simple without taking any other spaces of your room.

You can hang them on the back of your wardrobe. The only thing you need to do is to fix some hooks on the wall and then you can put your hats on the hooks. That won’t take too much space of your room.

D. Hat Rack Chain

If you don’t want some difficult and complex idea for doing a hat rack, a long chain can solve your problem for collecting hats. If your room has no other space for hanging hats, all you need to do is to find a long chain and hang it across the room. You can put some hooks on the hole of the chain and then hang your hats on it. It just takes the ceilings space not the space on the floor